Tal-Memorial Wrap-Up

Boris Gelfand wins the Tal-Memorial 2013!

Gelfand is known as a very solid player who rarely loses games. On the other hand he is also known (similar as Leko by the way) to not win a lot of games. Well, in this tournament, only the first stigma was true; Gelfand pulled three victories in the tournament, while drawing the rest. His key victory happened in round 7 against Nakamura:

Carlsen finished second with 5.5 points. A strong performance, but not as outstanding as we have seen in the past (Wijk aan Cee 2013, London 2012). His loss against Caruana was not necessary. However, the wins against Kramnik, Anand and Nakamura were pretty convincing.

Magnus Carlsen

Yeah, wait, what happenend to Nakamura?! I wrote sometime earlier during the tournament that Nakamura used to struggle with showing consistent strong results. He played a very strong first half of the tournament and had 4.5 points after six rounds. But then he lost the last three (!) games. However, with his creativity and fighting chess, he definitely enriched the tournament.

Dmitry Andreikin

The surprise of the tournament was Dmitry Andreikin. He was not even close to losing a game and beat Kramnik with Black. A performance which will surely lead to more invitations to top tournaments.

Kramnik is probably very happy that this tournament is finally over. He had two White games (against Nakamura and Andreikin) where he had better positions and normally you can expect him to maybe win one and draw the other one. Instead, he lost them both! I guess everybody has a bad tournament from time to time. Well, everybody, but Carlsen!

The next time you will hear from me is probably going to be in about two weeks, when I finally play a tournament again: the St. Pauli-Open in Hamburg!