World Cup Final

Andreikin versus Kramnik

Kramnik - Andreikin! Those two players made it through six mini matches and are now playing in the World Cup Final. Both have pretty much already achieved their goals. Andreikin is as a finalist qualified for the next Candidates tournament, while Kramnik was that already before the tournament thanks to his high elo. His goal, however, was to nevertheless reach the final, so his Russian teammate Sergey Karjakin would be the next to qualify through his Elo, while Kramnik is qualified through the World Cup. Enough talking, the first of four games in the final was played today and it was full of excitement. Check it out:

Now the match will become very interesting. Andreikin usually plays very solidly and loses rarely. But now he is forced to play more aggressively in order to get winning chances. This means the game will have a more open character. You can compare that to a soccer game, where one team is behind 0-1 early in the game. At some point the team has to play more offensively in order to create goal chances, but on the other hand, this will open up counter chances for the other team. Good for us spectators, because the next games will certainly not be dull and boring!