Gambit Day

Hey guys,

currently I am playing the U.S. Masters tournament at Greensboro, North Carolina. Today I had quite an awesome day and I felt like writing about it. By the way, as you might have noticed, I don't write as much on my website anymore. However, I post daily chess tactics, youtube videos as well as tournament reports on my Facebook page. So, you're welcome to follow me there :)

Back to topic, today I played the second and third round of the tournament and fortunately, I was White twice. In the first game I played against IM Cox and suprised him with the Evans Gambit. Only the second time I played this gambit, the first time was against Jan Gustafsson. Against Cox I could follow my preparation for a long time and achieved a nice position. 

Huschenbeth - Cox U.S. Masters

White to play

I played 27.h5! with the idea Nf4(f8) Rxe5 Rxe5 Qxa8 and White is winning. He played 27...Rac8 instead, but after 28.hxg6 Qxc7 29.Qxc7 Rxc7 30.Rxe5! I was up a pawn in the rook endgame and eventually managed to convert my advantage.

In the third round I should play GM Sergei Azarov on board 1. Well, I thought, it has been a while since my last King's Gambit game! It worked out great. My opponent was surely suprised and after about 9 moves I was already up 50 minutes on the clock. Plus, I had a good position. However, these strong GMs always defend as hard as they can and I missed my winning chances. A complex endgame arose and I was actually already worse. But Caissa was on my side and my opponent blundered:

Huschenbeth - Azarov U.S. Masters

White to move

My opponent had just played Kd7-e7 and that was the losing move. I had only under one minute to calculate the combination, but that was sufficient. 38.Nxc6+! bxc6 39.Rxd5 cxd5 40.Rxc3! Rxc3 41.b7. After clearing the way, one of the connected passed pawns will queen and my opponent resigned.

I will certainly follow up with a video, but right now I unfortunately don't have the time to record it.
It was great fun to play in the style of the old masters and I will certainly consider playing these gambits more often :)

See you!