"Where is Suriname?"



Together with some chess friends, I have started a new chess blog called beyond-chess.com! On this blog, we explore topics that go beyond the chess board and how chess influences different aspects of our lives. I wrote a post on how chess has allowed me to visit new countries and also learn some geography Verlegen Here's the beginning:

"I felt quite ignorant. When my friend asked me “Would you like to play a tournament in Suriname?”, I immediately replied “What is Suriname?”. Of course, tech-savvy as I am, I used an online search engine named Google to find out. Still, I was not sure. Did he really mean the former Dutch colony in South America, bordering in the South on Brazil and in the West and East on Guyana and French Guyana, respectively? He did. And so..."

You can read the rest of the article here.