My Immortal Game | Reporting From The Pfalz Open 2017

That was close! When my friend told me about a strong chess tournament called the “Pfalz Open” in early February, and I wanted to sign up for it, it was almost too late. Just barely I got myself a place before it was booked out. And let’s be honest, that would have been a pity. A real pity.

To my dismay I had never heard of the Pfalz Open. I must have lived on the moon for the last years (or rather, the U.S.) since with over 500 participants it is one of the biggest tournaments in Germany, growing in size every year. It was no surprise to me that people are coming back year after year to play in the tournament because it was very well organized with a great staff team taking care of the catering and competent arbiters who knew their business.

Now, let’s talk chess. I was ranked No. 5 in the list before the tournament, with a broad field of IMs and GMs making their way to Neustadt an der Weinstraße. There is this saying that the first round is often the toughest and indeed it hold true this time.

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