Tal-Memorial (4) (English)

Nakamura: Three wins in a row

Nakamura is on fire! Yesterday a strong game against Karjakin and today he outplayed Caruana with the Black pieces. Let's take a look, shall we:

This was the second loss for Caruana in the Najdorf variation in this tournament. It is especially painful, because he just gave away his White games. On the other hand, he won both games with Black, impressively against Anand and Carlsen. The other games in round 4 were drawn and there was not really much excitement going on. I want to mention that I am impressed with Andreikin's play so far. He plays very solidly and has not lost a game yet. Carlsen could also not pose him any difficulties in today's game.

Nakamura is now leading the tournament with 3/4 points. But there are still five rounds to go and if I needed to take a guess, I would name Carlsen as the tournament winner. In the most tournaments, where he had a humble start, he somehow managed to magically catch up with the leaders at some point. This might happen again, especially since Carlsen is a very unpleasant opponent for Nakamura; Nakamura did not win once yet against him.