Shirov still sets the board on fire

Alexei Shirov (l.) against Daniil Dubov

Alexei Shirov is a remarkable player. He has been around in the world elite for about two decades now and is still sharp as a razor. A few years ago Shirov published a collection of his best games with the title "Fire on Board". These days he showed that he is still not afraid to set the board on fire. He played a friendly match over six games called "battle of generations" against Daniil Dubov, a seventeen-year old Russian talent with already an impressive elo rating of 2629.

Despite the relatively small elo disceprancy between them - Shirov stands at 2695 - the match was very one-sided. Shirov completely crushed his opponent and won the match with 5-1. Almost all of the games were full of tactical complications, but one especially caught my eye and I analyzed here for you:

All games, except for maybe the first one, are absolutely worth going through and you can do that for example here.

I actually also played once against Shirov, but did not really do a better job than Dubov...